What we do



De Olho nas Metas (Monitoring the Goals) -annual report that analyzes the progress of the 5 Goals at the national, state and municipality levels.


Research and Studies –focused on the 5 goals, flags and actions and to influence policy making.


Educação em Pauta (Education in the Agenda) -regular meetings with education experts and journalists about topics that are related to the goals, flags and actions to improve press coverage.


Newsletters –daily clipping with Education news published nationwide by the main media groups.


No Ar: Todos Pela Educação (On Air: Todos Pela Educação) –kit distributed monthly with editorial content to approximately 2500 Brazilian radio stations.


Campaigns –national mobilization campaigns throughout the country to spread the message of quality Education for everybody.


Portal and Social Networks –brings a variety of information, data and news to empower and engage civil society in the educational agenda.


Working Groups –coordination of working groups, articulating a network of partners from the private, public and social sectors around the goals, flags and actions.


Observatório do PNE (Observatory of the PNE) - initiative from twenty organizations linked to Education under the coordination of Todos Pela Educaçãs, is an online platform monitoring the goals of the Plano Nacional de Educação– PNE (National Education Plan) and its strategies. It brings together indicators, analysis, information of public policies, studies, surveys and news (www.obervatoriodopne.org.br).


Latin American Network of Civil Society Organizations for Education (Reduca)- network of social mobilization and advocacy launched in 2011 by TPE and the IDB in order to ensure that every children and youth in the region has access to an inclusive and quality education. It is also sponsored by the European Union and consists of 14 countries (www.reduca-al.net).


Advocacy and institutional policies –Goals, Flags and Attitudes alignments with actions, projects and programs of the Executive, Legislative and Justice System, as well as private social investment promotion, so that results can be accelerated. 

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