Todos Pela Educação (Everyone for Education), founded in 2006, is a civil society movement whose mission is to contribute to the goal that by 2022, the year of the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil, the country ensures all children and youth have the right to quality Basic Education.


Nonpartisan and plural, Todos Pela Educação brings together representatives from different sectors of society such as public administrators, educators, parents, students, researchers, media professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations that are committed to guaranteeing the right to a quality education to each and every children in the country.





The objective of ensuring quality Education for everyone was translated into 5 Goals. Clear, measurable and achievable, they act as a framework that allows Brazilians to monitor the quality of Education and actively participate to improve it. They are:


1 - Every child 4 to 17 years old in school
2 - Every child fully literate by the age of 8
3 - Every child achieving the expected learning outcomes to each school grade
4 - Every student completing High School by the age of 19
5 – Education investment expanded and well managed



In order to achieve the 5 Goals, Todos Pela Educação also works with 5 Flags. By focusing on these policies, we believe the country will make a positive impact on the national educational agenda. They are:


1 – Improving teacher training and career development
2 – Defining students learning standards  
3 – Using external evaluations results to improve the quality of education
4 – Increasing the offer of full time education
5 – Perfecting education management and governance



As big changes depend on the engagement of all, Todos Pela Educação also supports 5 ACTIONS that Brazilian society can do to help students learn more and for life! They are:


1 - Valuing teachers, learning and knowledge
2 - Promoting important skills for life and for school
3 - Putting Education in the day by day life
4 - Supporting the student´s life project and the protagonism
5 - Expanding culture and sports opportunities for children and youth

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